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What Is Pay-for-performance Seo?

Exactly what it sounds to be!

According to a survey SEO is a best digital marketing channel to generate quality leads however because it’s a time taking process it becomes highly expensive practice at least for initial few months.

After spending years in SEO industry ResultFirst brings a unique Pay for Performance SEO model for its client.

Performance-based SEO or Pay-for-Performance SEO model practices charge you only after achieving the desired rankings. The model improves rankings, web traffic and revenue as a normal SEO plan however the payment is done after achieving the desired rankings.

Pay-for-Performance (PFP) SEO works on client-oriented interests. It is an SEO model that works on the concept of charging a client only for the rankings achieved for top-listed keywords. All you need is a minor set up fee initially with continuous payments based on results.

No Results = No Payment

Pay-for-performance SEO services are based on the phenomenon that once the desired ranking is achieved for your top keywords, and then only you should pay for the results attained. It is a unique SEO service model that lets you see the results before you pay.

The model fits for any industry from small to large companies.

Is Pay-for-performance Model Successful?

While many new-comers in the SEO industry do not believe in the existence of Pay-for-Performance SEO or feel that it is too good to be true, the reality is the result speak of the success of PFP SEO. PFP is the unique SEO model performing on a simple technique where the client is only charged when the desired keyword ranks higher on leading search engines. This model guarantees delivery of results without much risk and yields a high Return On Investment. The reason behind this is the data-driven approach of PFP SEO. So, wish to know how we perform this magic called PFP SEO?


Since PFP SEO works on data, it is important to possess a lot of data to understand signals and patterns of how web pages are ranked on Google.

Being in the business for years now, we have access to enormous data to opine informed decisions to ascertain the ways to send positive signals to search engines to get your web page ranked higher.

We do not have to deploy any blueprint from Google’s algorithms but have experience and enough data to notice the changes and fluctuations in the patterns that drive rankings.

How Does Pay For Performance (Pfp) Seo Work?

A place on the first page of Google means a lot of traffic generation. This traffic has the potential to generate vast revenue considering your conversion rate to be high if the web page is relevant. Our SEO Experts know how to track meaningful brand insights within your site’s analytics data. Our on-site specialists ensure your campaign is tracked and refined continuously.
With our experienced digital copywriters and a backup for your overall optimization strategy, we push you to the top.

Here are the main components of our PFP model

  • Industry Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Complete Website Audit

  • Keyword research

  • Complete On Page Suggestion

  • Backlinks Acquisition

In our PFP SEO plan, we build a strategy that covers top four-five keywords. These keywords have strong potential to extract maximum sales. For the best plan, competitive analysis is also done to assess the market competition. A technical audit of the client’s site is done by SEO experts to ensure compatibility with search engines. Monitoring is done for both on-page and off-page activities to generate organic traffic. This highlights your webpage to the search engine that it is worth for a first-page ranking. The traffic generated after that is measured for performance and results.

To explore more possibilities about PFP SEO for your business, speak to our digital strategists today!

Clarity Over “Seo Takes Time”

To keep charging clients without any results, organizations often hide behind excuses such as; “SEO takes time”. Pay-for-performance SEO model allows no space for any such argument. You only pay with the results in hand, that’s why it’s called Result based SEO or pay on results SEO.

Advantages Of Pay-for-performance Seo

Zero contractual investments

No need to incur substantial monthly expenses for PFP SEO. Pay for the number of keywords included and their performance. The pricing is determined based on rankings for those keywords.

Assured Results

Our revenue has a base on performance. So, there is no other way, rather than making it work and succeed. So, you sit back with an assurance of results.

Free cancellation

You can cancel the services anytime based on satisfaction with performance and results. Just specify clearly while you sign-up for services.

Ranking and Traffic

PFP SEO model boosts your pages and improve rankings. Good ranking ensures good traffic. Thus, the challenge of traffic generation no more exists, and you have guaranteed results.

Free cancellation

You can cancel the services anytime based on satisfaction with performance and results. Just specify clearly while you sign-up for services.

Misconceptions Of Pay-for-performance Seo

A black-Hat strategy used by Pay-for-performance SEO companies!

Most common grievances heard against PFP SEO; use of shady tactics to manipulate rankings, to bill the client. Sadly, there might exist some companies suing black-hat tricks with rankings and charge you every month! But the real culprit isn’t the pricing model. It is just a few bad apples ruining the basket!

PFP SEO companies guarantee ranking and traffic!

You’ll be stated this a million times, but we repeat: never fall for baits and guarantees for rankings in Google. But, at the same time, don’t get confused with the guarantee that you will not pay unless your rankings increase. For a PFP SEO service, there’s a guarantee that you won’t pay unless you top for rankings!

Your rankings won’t last for long.

This myth corners away from the truth. For PFP SEO, success compounds! With the right strategy, your site’s authority, rankings, and traffic rise. Sustaining the rank is the aim now, and the real battle begins here. PFP SEO companies maintain your rankings because this is how they get paid. If rankings fall, you pay less or nothing at all.

Difference Between “Pay For Performance Seo”

And “Traditional Seo”

The difference lies in the mode of payment and targets. You pay only for high rankings and performing keywords. PFP SEO is more about relevant and focused SEO services. A long-term SEO campaign is valuable but not a quick fix like PFP SEO. It also demands a hefty budget to be spared for. Traditional SEO takes time and gestation period or minimum pay-off time may vary from 4 to 12 months.

Payment model

While traditional SEO works on a monthly fee basis, irrespective of the results, PFP SEO pricing has a different model. You only pay once you get the results, and there is no monthly fee involved.


Traditional SEO is not a wise choice if a client is short on budget. When revenues are not confident or sure, it is not a wise idea to invest hefty amounts on SEO unless guaranteed for results. PFP SEO costs less in comparison to Traditional SEO because you only pay for the rankings achieved. When on a shoestring budget, it is better to spend each penny wisely and scrutiny, and with PFP SEO, it is possible. On the other hand, if your budget allows for regular SEO, you can freely spend on monthly SEO services and target a broader set of keywords.


PFP SEO Ranking method varies when compared to traditional SEO. While traditional SEO targets a broad set of keywords and a combination of keywords to get rankings, PFP SEO focuses on small sets for higher search volume. It targets only a few golden keywords that can drive real sales for your business.

Role of Long-Tail Keywords

70% of online searches account for Long-tail searches. Nearly 49% of users prefer to change the search query if the relevant material isn't found on the first page of Google. It thus becomes essential to optimize a website to match the generic search queries, along with the long-tail queries. Just simply ensure that users find the right and related stuff on your website.


Result based SEO is an aggressive approach. Your service provider aims to work on targeted keywords to achieve top rankings on Google's first page. Due attention is paid to each keyword on an individual basis to yield results. In traditional SEO, the plan is to improve the overall SEO score of your website for a broad set of keywords.

10x more effective than traditional seo services.

Guaranteed success in comparison to any other SEO program


of man-hours experience


Happy Clients


Budget managed

How Does Pay-for-performance Seo Pricing Work?

Generally known as performance-based SEO, this model demands payments only after achieving the desired target. The focus is to improve rankings, web traffic and revenue. Pay-for-performance guarantees ROI. In contrast, traditional SEO plans do not guarantee a return. While traditional SEO has a monthly fee model, irrespective of the rankings and results, PFP SEO Pricing is different. You pay only for results—no monthly fee.

If we succeed to rank you on the first three search pages of Google, we charge. The price depends on the business case and keyword difficulty for each ranking. Each improved ranking costs a pre-determined amount. If there are no changes in the rankings, this means no charge.

*The pricing mentioned above, is obviously not real pricing, but it is only for the demo purpose.

  • We finalize five keywords for your plan. Ranks improve for one of the keywords from 10 to 1. So, based on the pricing table, we will charge you $C.

  • Now, assume we get your keyword ranked from 12 to 10, you pay only $A.

  • Now, we rank your keyword from 10 to 7; you still pay $A.

  • If two keywords rank moves from 11 to 6, you pay 2 X $D.

This way, each improvement in rank within a bracket has a price fixed. PFP SEO is a fair game for pricing. You spend only if you improve ranks. You pay for an initial set up fee to cover the cost that we incur, based on the industry, working hours, keyword difficulty, current SEO score, etc. Your On-page changes costs are included that make your site search engine compatible.

Is Performance Based Seo Right For You?

*The pricing mentioned above, is obviously not real pricing, but it is only for the demo purpose.

Ranking on the first page of Google generates heavy traffic. With a high search volume keyword, you have huge sales potential. PFP SEO is best for you. With high ranking and massive traffic, conversion rate stands high. This works only in the condition if you have competitive keywords that can drive sales.

If you have Pay per Click in mind, PFP is an excellent option. PPC can be expensive as 80% of the users prefer to click on the organic search results. Only 20% of people click on paid results. Now you work it out getting exposure to 80% in a short time-frame with PFP SEO or PPC?

Though, if your business misses on sales-driving keywords, Traditional SEO is your bey to improve overall SEO score. If your website holds relevancy to the competitive keywords, first-page ranking traffic has higher chances of conversion. However, if you have more complex potential buyers, coming from a variety of keywords, it is best to go for SEO.

Some competitive Keywords in the program

  • Domain

  • Linux hosting

  • Domain search

  • Web hosting

  • Dedicated server

  • Domain

  • Domain registration

  • Buy domain

  • Web hosting

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